Life Insurance After Bariatric Surgery

In today’s economy, many individuals are denied life insurance due to high risk factors such as pre-existing condition or based on information found in their previous medical history. However, there are individuals who are in need of life insurance at a reasonable rate, even after they’ve had certain surgical procedures. Below is additional information concerning typical risk factors associated with becoming qualified for life insurance, why high risk individuals are denied life insurance and what can be done about it. Including working with companies that specialize in targeting life insurance agencies that do not require a prior medical exam as well as determining how you can go about obtaining a good life insurance plan from a reputable company, with reasonable rates.


Many Applicants Are Denied Life Insurance Due To High Risk Factors


Many people who apply for life insurance may be turned down because they are considered higher risk candidates than others due to various risk factors. These decisions are made by insurance companies based on areas such as high risk professions like individuals who work for law-enforcement agencies, miners or skyscrapers. Individuals who may not have high risk professions, but are involved in activities that are considered high risk, such as hobbies similar to driving race cars, scuba diving, or skydiving. These are all activities that are associated with high risk hobbies. There are also those who have high risk habits and their lifestyle may contribute to high risk factors, such as those who smoke cigarettes or cigars, they are likely to be considered higher risk than those who do not smoke. Other risk factors include those who have lived for a long time. They will find that insurance companies tend to shy away from them merely because of their age. However, one of the major and most common high risk factors are pre-existing conditions. Individuals who have been diagnosed with any type of serious life-threatening disease, is almost always considered a higher risk than those without pre-existing conditions. Typically conditions including diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, strokes, or diabetes. There are others who may not have these life-threatening preconditions but may have other health risk that may contribute to major health problems in the future.



Your Medical History Could Affect Your Insurance Application


It’s very difficult to avoid providing insurance providers information about your current or previous health condition, because most life insurance providers typically requires your overall medical history, including current conditions or medical procedures that you may have had in the past. Even if you had any form of weight loss or bariatric surgery, it will need to be included in your medical history that you report to the insurance providers – because they will certainly want to know about it. Individuals who have had surgeries in the past may find that many of these surgeries makes it much more challenging to obtain a life insurance policy at a reasonable rate. However there are some insurance companies who are much more flexible and will provide life insurance at a reasonable rate, even after you’ve had procedures such as bariatric surgery.’

Obtaining Life Insurance After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a procedure that results in weight loss by limiting how much food the stomach can hold, which causes patients to eat less. This procedure creates malabsorption of nutrients, or put another way, it creates a combination of malabsorption and gastric restriction.

The bariatric procedure often causes hormonal changes as well. Although the majority of weight loss surgeries are performed with minimal invasive techniques, such as laparoscopic surgery some require much more riskier operations.

The most common form of bariatric surgery consist of procedures such as gastric bypass surgery, adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy and biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch. Each of these surgeries have their own advantages and disadvantages which makes some more riskier than others.

These types of procedures also need to be included in your medical history when applying for life insurance, and may put you at a greater risk. Thus, likely resulting in higher insurance rates based on the insurance company.

Even if the surgery has been successful and you do not appear to be at high risk of any major health issues, sometimes complications arise over time. In-any-case, you may still be labeled as being at a higher risk if you’ve had any form of complications following the surgery.


If you’ve had Bariatric Surgery and are in need of life insurance you may be in luck. Despite the high insurance rates provided to high risk individuals, there are still life insurance companies who are available that offers reasonably priced insurance rates – the key is being able to find them. The best way to approach this process is to identify companies who have access to companies within the life insurance industry and are capable of locating the best priced insurance policies around-with or without having had bariatric surgery or other pre-existing conditions. These insurance companies do not require a physical exam and they exist in an abundance in the insurance marketplace. Finding companies who are able to match customers with the right life insurance providers is the secret to getting the best rate possible. This approach takes place by matching insurance agencies with customers based on their lifestyle and unique health situation.

Where to find insurance after you’ve had Bariatric Surgery

To find the best insurance rates after you’ve had bariatric surgery, consider a company that already has a large roster of well-established insurance companies that offer insurance without a physical exam. These companies tend to compete for your business so you know that you’re getting the best rate available. Companies such as Smithfin, of specialize in matching the best insurance companies with the right customer. They are able to obtain quotes from a wide selection of reputable insurance providers and can get you a quote in as little as one minute. For a quote or for more information, contact Smithfin today.


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About Smithfin

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