Choosing Between Term and Whole Life Insurance

Choosing between term and whole life insurance Term life is sufficient for most families who need life insurance, but whole life and other forms of permanent coverage can be useful in certain situations. Choose term life if: Choose whole life if: You need life insurance only to replace your income over a certain period, such as.. More

6 Reasons People Don’t Buy Life Insurance (and Why They’re Wrong)

January 23, 2017 | Helen Mosher | Life Happens Let’s face it. Most people put off buying life insurance for any number of reasons—if they even understand it Take a look at this list—do any of them sound like you? 1. It’s too expensive. In the ever-burgeoning budget of a young family, things like day.. More

Guide To Securing Life Insurance with High Cholesterol

Having high cholesterol can affect your ability to secure life insurance at lower rates, but not as much as it has in the past.  While a diagnosis of high cholesterol can affect life insurance, there are a variety of factors to consider, not only from the individual but also from the insurance companies.  There are.. More

Life Insurance for Depression Sufferers

If you suffer from ongoing depression, you may not be aware that it can affect your life insurance.  Life insurance companies are concerned about your physical health, but they are also concerned about your mental health.  Depression or other mental health problems can affect life insurance, but not as much as it did in the.. More

Skin Cancer and Life Insurance

If you have been diagnosed with one of these types of skin cancer, you are not alone.  Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer and millions of Americans are diagnosed with one form each year.  You may be wondering if it will keep you from being able to have life insurance.. More

Life Changing Events influence People to Buy Life Insurance

At Smithfin, we receive countless emails regarding Life Changing Events and what to do about getting Life Insurance. What is a life event? life event. noun. a major event that changes a person’s status or circumstances, such as giving birth, marriage, divorce, death of spouse, loss of job. Life events are very often discussed in.. More

Why Should I Buy Life Insurance?

Why should I buy life insurance? Many financial experts consider life insurance to be the cornerstone of sound financial planning. It can be an important tool in the following situations: Replace income for dependents If people depend on your income, life insurance can replace that income for them if you die. The most commonly recognized.. More

Why Should You care about AM Best Insurance Ratings?

You see ratings everywhere when you read about Life Insurance. What does that mean when it reads AM Best Insurance Ratings? Who is AM Best, and why should I care? A.M. Best provides thorough ratings for clients and consumers alike to know which insurance companies are the best. Depending on the rating, you’ll be able.. More

Life Insurance May Save You from Economic Calamity

Have you ever considered that Life insurance is is one dollar doing the work of many dollars. As one financial anyalists had pointed out that “Those dollars take care of your family or business or charity if you die too soon. Life insurance dollars are self completing if you become disabled and employ waiver of.. More