Best Life Insurance Options with High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common condition that affects millions of people around the world. It is also one of the risk factors that is often considered by many insurance underwriters when you are applying for a life insurance policy. However, that does not mean that you cannot qualify for a life insurance, it also doesn’t mean that you will not get a life insurance cover with lower premiums even though the underwriters might suggest higher premiums. It is, however, important to shop around before settling for a particular insurance company if you have a high blood pressure condition.
Why High Blood Pressure Affects the Premiums
High blood pressure is an easily controllable condition if timely, and proper medication is observed and also if the carrier follows the right diet and exercise regularly. However, if the condition is left unchecked, it can have adverse implications. High blood pressure as a risk factor can lead to the following conditions which include:
•    It causes the arteries to harden leading to the damage of other body organs such as the kidneys.
•    It also contributes to heart disease
•    It can cause stroke as well
•    The hardening of the arteries can lead to difficulty or eyesight problems when the blood vessels around the eyes are hardened.
With the above points in mind, it is now easier to understand why the insurers can set a high premium rate or even decline to cover the person with the high blood pressure altogether. This is done to avoid the risk of early compensation because if the high blood pressure condition is left unchecked, it can lead early death. However, it is important to note the determining factors that are examined and that leads to a decision on high premiums or denial of an insurance cover for those with high blood pressure. These decisions will be reached upon examination by the insurers after asking the following questions and analyzing them. These determining queries include:
•    The period in which the high blood pressure was diagnosed.
•    The range, readings or levels of your blood pressure.
•    What is your body mass index (BMI) or weight level range?
•    Whether you have any other medical condition such as diabetes.
•    Whether you use tobacco.
•    The medications that you are taking.
•    Whether you have been admitted to hospital in the last twelve months.

All these questions and their answers will be analyzed to determine whether the rate of premium at which the person with the high blood pressure will be charged or whether he qualifies to be insured at all. The most important thing to note is that anybody with high blood pressure can qualify to get a life insurance as long as you take good care of your condition and visit the right insurers.
Which Rate Class is the Person With High Blood Pressure Likely to Qualify?
There are different rate classes in any insurance company, and these classes determine the cost at which you will be charged in your premiums. Most insurance companies have a total of sixteen different rate classes, and your high blood pressure will determine the class rate that you will qualify and therefore the premium rate. Insurance underwriters will analyze your recent blood pressure readings and also take a good look at your history with the condition before deciding on which class rate you will belong to and the premium to be charged. These class rates will be determined as follows:
•    Regular: to qualify for this class rate, you will be required to have blood pressure readings that are under 150/90 that is controlled by medications. The readings, however, may adjust to higher levels for those people over the age of 50 and above.
•    Preferred: this class rate will be determined if the blood pressure readings are lower than 140/90 for those controlling the condition and 150/90 for those not using the condition. You will be entitled to lower premiums than those in regular class rate if you qualify for a preferred class rate.
•    Preferred Plus: when you have blood pressure readings of 140/90 and below, you are said to not having any blood pressure, and there qualifies to be charged the lowest premiums.
How to Get a Favorable Life Insurance Cover despite the High Blood Pressure Condition
There are various things you can do to improve your chances of getting approval by any insurer to have a life insurance cover or get lower premiums even with the high blood pressure condition. The following guides should be followed, and they include:
•    Treat your blood pressure condition by visiting your doctor for a regular checkup and following your medication appropriately. This will enable you to control the condition more efficiently and avoid any medical problems as a result.
•    Get any other condition such as high cholesterol levels under control. Ensure that you are treated well to avoid complications.
•    Do away with the bad habits that pose greater risk or danger to your high blood pressure condition. Such habit includes smoking, excessive eating and alcohol consumption are the three top most habits that significantly affects your blood pressure condition.
•    Watch your diet and exercise to improve your blood pressure condition and burn away unnecessary body fats and lose extra weight.
•    Avoid stress and learn to relax. Stress contributes heavily to high blood pressure, and you can avoid them by engaging in activities that will enable you to avoid the stress.
How to Get the Best Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure Condition
The most appropriate thing to do is to apply for a life insurance cover through a simplified issue policy whereby you will skip the medical examination such as the provision of your blood and urine samples to be examined. By doing so, you will avoid the possibility of the insurance underwriter finding a fault in your blood pressure or cholesterol levels which could in turn lead to higher premium rates or even denial. Always provide the most recent and updated medical reports. Also, find an insurer that is willing to guide and help you to have an insurance policy that is favorable irrespective of your high blood pressure condition.

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