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Life can be challenging at times. You can be doing all the right things then Boom…. you may have a heart attack or be diagnosed with a brain tumor (like me). But high risk can also happen because you have a dangerous profession, hobby, high risk lifestyle habits, a serious health condition, or simply have lived a long time.

If anything of this describes you, then you need to know about high risk life insurance.

You can agree that nearly everyone needs life insurance to protect loved ones financially. Applying for life insurance with health conditions can be scary and embarrassing , especially because of the fear of rejection  and the fear of the unknown.

Many people who apply for life insurance may be turned down because they are considered higher risk candidates than others due to various risk factors. These decisions are made by insurance companies based on areas such as high risk professions like individuals who work for law-enforcement agencies, miners or skyscrapers. Individuals who may not have high risk professions, but are involved in activities that are considered high risk, such as hobbies similar to driving race cars, scuba diving, or skydiving. These are all activities that are associated with high risk hobbies.

There are also those who have high risk habits and their lifestyle may contribute to high risk factors, such as those who smoke cigarettes or cigars, they are likely to be considered higher risk than those who do not smoke.

Other risk factors include those who have lived for a long time. They will find that insurance companies tend to shy away from them merely because of their age.

However, one of the major and most common high risk factors are pre-existing conditions. Individuals who have been diagnosed with any type of serious life-threatening disease, is almost always considered a higher risk than those without pre-existing conditions. Typically conditions including diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, strokes, or diabetes. There are others who may not have these life-threatening preconditions but may have other health risk that may contribute to major health problems in the future.



If you are considered a risky candidate for life insurance coverage, we can still find high risk life insurance companies willing to provide the coverage you need.  At Smithfin, we know and work with companies that work with high risk applicants. We also bring affordability because we work with multiple life insurance companies.  They compete for your business on our behalf.

Breaking it down again, What Is High Risk Life Insurance?

High risk life insurance is available for those who are considered a higher risk . What defines a risk category? There are several categories that are considered  high risk. They include:

  • Professions:  People in high risk professions include underwater welders, police officers and underground miners to name a few.
  • Hobbies:  Your profession maybe non-high risk but  on your free time you maybe  involved in  hobbies such as skydiving, scuba diving or racing cars which are considered high risk.
  • Habits: Some lifestyle habits might be high risk, such as smoking cigarettes or cigars, or chewing tobacco.
  • Diseases: If you have been diagnosed with a serious or life threatening diseasee. The CDC estimates that more than half of the U.S. population have a chronic health condition. Many more than that, have a health risk that may lead to a chronic health condition.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions such as:

Aging Forward

Getting the life insurance you need is not out of the question, regardless of your profession, hobbies, habits, illnesses or advanced age. It is just how you go about obtaining it that is the key to finding an affordable policy.

At Smithfin, we take out the frustration of trying to obtain life insurance if you are considered high risk and also save you time and money.

What if I am not considered a high risk, do you  have companies for me?

Absolutely! That is the great thing about working with Smithfin, we have over 60 highly rated life insurance companies that work with all types of individuals that have different health conditions and needs.

What should I do do now?

Don’t stress over searching for the right life insurance company by yourself, contact a Smithfin agent for compassionate, attentive help with your search. Take the first step by contacting Smithfin and fill out the easy quote form or call 1-262-551-1298

To Your First Step,




About Smithfin
About Smithfin

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